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Be a Part of Molding's
​Injection Molded Parts Competition! 

At Molding 2022, the Plastics Technology editorial team is excited to offer an injection molding parts competition, Hot Shots 2022.

​Using a “People’s Choice” model, all attendees will be eligible to cast a ballot. One winner will be chosen for Technical Sophistication and one for Achievement in Molding Efficiency and/or Economics.

A representative is strongly encouraged to be onsite at the conference to answer questions about the part. Fill out the form below to enter your part into the competition. The deadline has been extended to Friday, September 30, 2022.


Parts will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Technical Sophistication

  • Use of new technology in molding, molding materials, or tooling

  • Overcoming challenges in molding—e.g, owing to the material, complexity of part or tool design, and/or very tight tolerances​


2. Achievement in Molding Efficiency and/or Economics 

  • Parts consolidation

  • Thin-walling

  • Overall part-weight reduction

  • Reduction/elimination of secondary operations​

  • Savings in machine or tool cost

  • Improved quality/reduced rejects

  • Increased productivity/reduced cycle time

  • Use of recycled materials​


Any type of injection molded plastic part that fits within an ​8  ft x 3 ft x 7 ft high space is eligible. It is understood that confidentiality agreements may limit some of the information you can provide, but submissions with insufficient information may not be accepted. 

Shipping or transporting parts to the Molding 2022 Conference is the responsibility of the submitter. Do NOT send parts to Plastics Technology magazine or Gardner Business Media. ​

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