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The Polymers Center of Excellence
Tour and Workshop

Melt Preparation Techniques - Settings and Techniques to Optimize the Melt in Your Process

Thursday, November 10, 2022
9:00am - 12:00pm
The Polymers Center, Charlotte, NC
Featuring Suhas Kulkarni, Founder & President, Fimmtech

​​The quality of the melt in injection molding is one of the first major contributors to achieving a robust and optimized molding process. The settings of the barrel zones, the screw rotation speeds, and the back pressures are all contributing factors that play major roles in the preparation of the melt. This in-person workshop hosted at the Polymers Center state-of-the-art training facility will focus on these techniques and demonstrate their impact on the ultimate quality of the melt.

  • $100 cost

  • Transportation to and from The Polymers Center provided

  • Lunch included

  • Limit of 30 attendees

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